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Who I Am

I am all about grilling enthusiastically! That’s why I proudly call myself the grilling enthusiast! I at GrillFAQ like creating top content for my blog on everything related to grilling: tactics, grill types, BBQs, tools, tips, tricks and much more! I enjoy taking good photos of delicious grilled food and stuff my articles with appetizing texts for the readers. Check out what I have in store and you will feel it!

What I Need

If you like grilled stuff, if you like meat & grilled vegetables, and have a passion like I do, share your knowledge, experience and ideas on cooking tips and grilling tactics – be my guest writer! Before you start, please, pay attention to a few rules below.

I always appreciate good high-quality stuff! Send your plagiarism-free articles to GrillFAQ and don’t forget about being unique, interesting, inspiring and grammatically correct. Because that’s what I need! Genuine articles that are nowhere else to be found. And I mean nowhere! My website only.  

I need the minimum of 700 words, and if you feel like adding some exclusive pictures – well, it’s just wonderful! Don’t worry about formatting – I will take care of that! Just share your passion and ideas with aboveboard interested readers in my blog and improve your writing skills!

How to Do It

If you are reading this, you most probably have something to tell me. Maybe your expertise is exactly the thing I need! Feel like writing for my blog? Contact me via contact form below. And you will get answered! Please send me a short bio and your picture to let me know (that you are not a robot) who you are. I’d also appreciate a few sentences about your experience with grilling and cooking, and your previous work examples (articles). Also, if you have a blog/website, I will gladly take a look!

Can you feel the smell? You know what to do! I know you can!​ I will get back to you ASAP because I am always searching for classy talents!​

Have a good day!

Chriss Cosentino, GrillFAQ!