My Mission

Hey there! My name’s Chris Cosentino and I am here to help you with everything related to grills, whether it’s the gas grills, electric grills, smokers, pellet grills, grilling methods, maintenance, tools, utensils, or cooking accessories. At Grillfaq, both novice grilling enthusiasts and professional chefs from all over the world can expand their experience and improve their skills on various grilling technics, as well as find out more about various new grilling appliances and technics. 

I am here to help you make the most beneficial choice so you can find the best solution that perfectly fits your needs. You can be sure that you will find every answer to your grill-related question here on 

What I Do

I continuously work hard to find the best offers available on the market. Every day I try to do as much research as possible, both online and offline, to find the best solutions for my readers, without missing a single detail, and make your grilling more enjoyable. 

Since my childhood, I’ve been truly passionate about grilling. My dad used to make incredible, mouth-watering steaks and other grilled meats, so I was into grilling since I can remember myself. I have 10+ years of experience in the business, plus, a wide collection of various high-quality grills at home, so I want you to know that I KNOW what I’m talking about. My readers respond with the most grateful feedback, and this always inspires me to keep working harder and discover more useful information to share with Grillfaq readers because it’s just a really great pleasure to know that people trust me and I can be of help. 

Monitoring the market and its niches, testing grills and accessories, looking for the best available items available, and learning something new every day are my favorite activities that I need like air. I try to provide the most valuable information online and recommend only high-quality products that best fit your requirements, as well as reliable test results and recommendations. Every article published on Grillfaq is never forgotten and is often subject to review. Therefore, I keep an eye on published content to make sure it’s always up-to-date and useful. Apart from that, I monitor news related to the latest innovations in the grilling industry. 

I can assure you that we at Grillfaq, do not try to promote any brand – instead, we only focus on high-quality and affordable products in various categories. My choices are based on serious testings, expert advice, and numerous user reviews and opinions, as well as trustworthy insider information.

Why You Should GrillFaq

Grillfaq product reviews are written from scratch. My team of writers never uses any templates or let any third parties decide what should or should not be in the article. Each Grillfaq’s post is verified by a team of professional reviewers and testers so you can be sure that you can make a wise choice and never regret it.

How We Test Grills

Our grilling strategy does not take anything for granted. Me and my expert team at Grillfaq, we believe that every grill or accessory has to be tested before it gets on our list of top models. Every time we review a product, all the pros and cons are determined, so you can see the fullest picture. 

Before I recommend anything to you, the product is sent to a team of certified technicians from reliable sources for rigorous testing and confirmation of certain product qualities and features. Sometimes, the testing process takes a few weeks or even months but nothing is ever left unattended, no matter the manufacturer.

My review team consists of 50 experts who are always ready to do their best to provide honest and detailed testing results, as well as the most comprehensive information on certain grills and accessories. They work hard and compare various grills and smokers, inspecting, and evaluating every specification. This is to find out if it’s really worth your attention and money. 

Most often the testing team has around 4-5 grills to review and compare – these are classic and advanced models of different manufacturers. The goal is to provide useful, fair, and comprehensive information about every product and determine out the best model. 

We at Grillfaq, try to figure out how various grills meet user requirements and compete on the market. Everything has to be recorded, thus, we take pictures and record every step of the testing process, as well as make how-to and unboxing videos to make sure nothing is left unnoticed. In this way, Grillfaq readers can clearly see and understand what they will get in advance.