It’s time to take the steak, chicken, and vegetables off the grill! The mouthwatering smells of your grilled creations are already wafting through the picnic, enticing everyone to stop over for a bite. But as you go to serve your family and guests, you notice something awful – in an effort to cook all of your food to perfection, you’ve left a large amount of undesirable gristle and carbon build-up on your grill surface.

In summers past, this problem would require hours of scrapping and scrubbing in order to return your high-end grill surface to regular order. But that no longer has to be the case! Pioneered by world-class chefs for use in their high-end kitchens, grill mats are now available to amateur and veteran grill chefs alike. These non-stick mats help you to keep your grilling surface clean while still cooking your favorite foods to sizzling perfection.

A seasoned grillmaster might act incredulous and ask, “why use a grill mat?” The answer is simple: the less time you spend worrying about cleaning up your grill is more time spent cooking and communing with your party guests. Anyone who grills can make use of a grill mat, but which grill mat should you buy?

No two grill mats are precisely alike. Some are made from dishwasher-safe fiberglass cloth while others are made from ultra-conductive woven copper cloth. No matter what your non-stick BBQ grill mat is made of, you’ll find that it will immediately enhance your grilling experience several times over.

More grill mats on the market means increased competition, and increased competition means lower prices for you. Even for many of the most renowned names in grill mat production (such as Kona, Yoshi, Grillaholics, and Copper Chef), you’ll be able to find a grill mat that fits your needs and your budget.

To make your selection easier, I’ve reviewed 10 of the best-performing grill mats available today, including the Kona Best BBQ Heavy Duty Grill Mat and the Kitchen Joy BBQ Grill Mat. Any of these grill mats would make a worthwhile addition to your cooking arsenal, so take some time to read about what allows them to evenly cook food while preserving your grill cooking surface.

In this review, I’ve compared many of the key specification that you should consider when purchasing a grill mat, including size, material, safety, peak temperature rating, and warranty. In addition, each review includes a simplified pros and cons list, allowing you to make an informed choice before you strike out and buy yourself a new grill mat.

  • Size – 15.75”x13”;

  • Construction Material – Fiberglass cloth w/ PTFE fiberglass coating;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 600º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, 7-year.

Kona has worked hard to distinguish themselves from the competition and that hard work has paid off, as seen in their Best BBQ Heavy Duty Grill Mat. This non-stick BBQ grill mat set leads the industry in performance and reliability while still remaining affordable for most grillers.

Most grill mats can only handle up to 500º F before they begin to warp and dissolve. The Kona Best is better though because it can take the heat up to 600º F, allowing for superior searing. At 0.39mm thick, this grill mat is also just thick enough to remain durable while still providing ample heat to your grilling favorites.

With a 7-year warranty, this model is also a wise investment. Kona expects these mats to last well past seven years, though, allowing you to enjoy their exceptional non-stick qualities summer after summer. Kona Best users rave about its durability and ability to provide clean grill lines, even through its relatively thick body. Try it first hand and you’ll quickly see why amateurs and grillmasters alike rave about this grill mat.

  • 0.39mm thick
  • 600º F peak temperature rating
  • 7-year warranty
  • Construction may cause grease to pool
  • Size – 15.75”x13”;

  • Construction Material – PFOA- and silicone-free fiberglass coating;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Word is getting around about the Grillaholics Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Mats, thanks in no small part to its use by some of America’s top chefs. With unparalleled safety, this model is likely to start flying off the shelves soon.

Grillaholics has made a point to emphasize their grill mat’s exceptional safety record. The mat itself is made from a PFOA- and silicone-free fiberglass material that won’t leach harmful chemicals into food at high heat levels. Moreover, this model can cut down on flare-ups, even up to 500º F on a live heat grill.

Top American chefs have extolled this grill mat’s standout quality and performance. Chefs including Rachael Ray and Chris Kimball have used these grill mats live on their television programs, demonstrating just how effective their non-stock coating works for a wide variety of foods.

With this unique combination of safety and critical acclaim, you should defiantly consider adding this premium grill mat to your grilling tool chest.

  • Made from PFOA- and silicone-free fiberglass
  • Critical acclaim from top American chefs
  • Critical acclaim from top American chefs
  • Surface material may attain grill marks over time
  • Size – 15.75”x13”;

  • Construction Material – Heat resistant PTFE fiberglass;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, risk-free Money Back Guarantee.

The Aoocan Grill Mat is an excellent purchase for those value-minded grillers. Five mats in one pack means that you’ll always have a fresh grill mat at the ready for your grilling adventures or to share with friends. With a low price point, you are certainly getting more from this model than from competitors.

Just because the Aoocan Grill Mat is a bargain buy doesn’t mean it is bargain quality. Made from heat resistant PTFE fiberglass, this grill mat stands up with the best of the competition. You can use these on nearly any type of grill as well, including gas, charcoal, and electric.

Aoocan wants you to be entirely satisfied with their product. As such, they provide risk-free money back guarantee that promises a full refund, should you find the product not up to standards. But don’t expect to need such a guarantee, as this product will fully satisfy your enhanced grilling needs. Hundreds of previous users agree: the Aoocan Grill Mat is one of the best models for quality cooking and effortless cleaning.

  • Heat resistant PTFE fiberglass construction
  • 5 mats in one pack
  • Risk-free money back guarantee
  • Lacks proper ventilation
  • Size – 15.75”x13”;

  • Construction Material – Woven copper cloth w/ non-stick coating;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, 60-day “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee.

Along with traditional silicone-based grill mats, copper grill mats like the MiTBA Copper Grill Mat are beginning to catch on with many at-home grillers. This growing trend isn’t a surprise, as this model’s woven copper cloth design provides a superior level of heat transfer while keeping your grill free of carbon build up.

Storing your grill mat can be a hassle and open it up to damage from all of the other implements in your cabinet. The MiTBA avoids such risk by proving you with a simple yet elegant box in which you can easy roll up your copper grill map, like a map.

While many models offer a money back guarantee, only the MiTBA offers its user a “no-questions-asked” two month trial period. Returns will hardly be necessary though, as you’ll quickly find ways to use this grill mat to cook chopped vegetables, shrimp, and even pizza on the grill. This copper grill mat is definitely one you can count on to ensure to save you money and space.

  • Woven copper thread construction
  • Unique carry case for easy transport and storage
  • 60-day “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee
  • Surface has a tendency to become blackened over time
  • Size – 15.75”x 13”;

  • Construction Material – Teflon-coated copper cloth;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – None Listed.

“As Seen on TV” products don’t always live up to expectations. The Yoshi Non-stick Grill Baking Mat Set isn’t perfect, in this regard, but it still provides the kind of non-stick, easy-to-clean texture that many have become accustomed to with grill mats.

The Yoshi’s Teflon-coated copper exterior is certainly one of the easiest to clean, whether you choose to wash it by hand or throw it in the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean up. In either case, you can be sure that this grill mat will come out crisp and ready to use while retaining its trademark color.

The Yoshi copper grill mat is also fairly affordable, at around under half the cost of some high-end grill mats. That should be an enticing price tag for those who are curious about grill mats and are looking to try one out for a reasonable price.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable price for a two pack
  • Can also be used for baking up to 500º F
  • No warranty listed
  • Size – 15.75”x 13” and 13.25” x 9.25”;

  • Construction Material – Chef-grade copper cloth;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, 60-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime guarantee.

Copper Chef has become a quick favorite of home chefs and bakers thanks to its foil-less non-stick surface. Now, that unmatched non-stick texture comes to your grill with the Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats. These mats hold up to Copper Chefs standard of performance while still providing your grilled foods with a trademark set of grill lines.

Compared to other copper grill mats, the Copper Chef model is extremely lightweight at only 0.6 pounds. As such, they are not cumbersome to place on the grill or remove when it’s time to clean.

As a bonus, these four packs don’t include just one size of copper mat. In fact, it includes two of each type of copper mat: a large pair for grilling and a small pair for baking. Those small copper baking mats can even be used to turn a regular cooking sheet into an exceptional Copper Chef baking pan. No matter how you plan to use these Copper Chef grill mats, you’ll immediately find that they are among the best.

  • Copper Chef-quality non-stick surface
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Four pack comes with two sizes, for grills and ovens
  • May discolor with repeated use
  • Size – 15.75”x 13”;

  • Construction Material – PTFE Fiberglass coating;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, lifetime warranty (even against accidental damage or melting).

Just as your grill is built to last and ensured against damage, so too should your grilling accessories. The Seasoned Griller provides such a warranty in addition to a generally useful product that performs its designed task with ease

Not too thick, not too thin, that’s the Seasoned Griller grill mat. This model is the precise right width to provide your food with flavorful heat without causing the mat itself to warp.

A lifetime warranty is an unmatched asset, no matter what you’re buying. But when you’re throwing your purchase on a flaming hot grill, that kind of protection puts that product a cut above the rest. The Seasoned Griller provides just that, meaning that you’ll always be able to acquire a new product if yours becomes worn or damaged. For that reason and more, the Seasoned Griller is certainly a grill mat to add to your shopping list this grilling season.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Works in smokers as well as on grills
  • Ideal thickness to provide both conduction and durability
  • Minimal customer service
  • Size – 15.75”x 13”;

  • Construction Material – Silicon;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – None listed.

Another “As Seen on TV” product, the Miracle Grill Mat doesn’t exactly stand out from other grill mats available on the market. Still, this model’s ready availability in stores across the US makes it an easy pick up for many amateur grillers.

The Miracle Grill Mat silicone construction is flexible and easily modified. In fact, this model can be cut down to fit any size or shape of grill – even round and kettle-style charcoal grills. Even after being modified, the Miracle Grill Mat doesn’t easily fray.

Those who have purchased the Miracle Grill Mat generally like it and find its easy-to-clean surface to be among its top assets. Though it doesn’t feature any cutting-edge grill mat technology, you’ll still certainly find the Miracle Grill Mat to be a useful addition to your grilling accessory kit.

  • Available in many national chain retailers
  • Flexible silicon construction
  • Cuts down on flare-ups
  • Lacks a warranty or guarantee
  • Size – 15.75”x 13”;

  • Construction Material – “Thick-core” PFOA-free fiberglass cloth;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, 5-year warranty & 2-years “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee.

When you roll out the Kitchen Joy BBQ Grill Mat, you can be sure that its creators designed it with your grilling needs in mind. Its non-stick surface handles fats and oils without complaint, which in turn helps to minimize troublesome grease flareups.

The Kitchen Joy also makes use of a “thick-core” PFOA-free fiberglass cloth, which is designed to stand up to wear and tear brought on by repeated use. Despite its thick construction, this model still provides ample and even heat across the entire surface of food.

The Kitchen Joy’s 5-year warranty is among the best in the business, made better by its 2-years “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee. That’s two years to decide if this grill mat is right for you. Before that two years is up, you’ll surely have committed to using this non-stick grill mat every time you cook out.

  • Handles fats and oils with ease
  • “Thick-core” construction
  • 5-year warranty complimented by 2-years “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee
  • Should not be cut on or interact with sharp tools
  • Size – 14”x 11.2”;

  • Construction Material – Teflon-Copper fiber cloth;

  • Peak Temperature Rating – 500º F;

  • Warranty – Yes, full refund guarantee.

If you’re in need of several quality copper grill mats at once, the Kraftex has the value pack that you need. With four grill mats in every pack, you’ll have plenty of easy-to-apply non-stick coatings for the grills at your event or business.

In addition, the Kraftex copper grill mats features a Teflon coating that only enhances its non-stick capabilities. Backed by the natural qualities of cooking with copper, you can be sure that steaks, chicken, and vegetables grilled on this mat will come out to flavorful perfection.

At under half the cost of competing copper grill mats, you simply cannot pass over the Kraftex if you are looking to try out the benefits of cooking with copper on the grill. With FDA approved safety at up to 500º F, you can be sure that all of your grilled creations come out as healthy and delicious as possible if your use this grill mat.

  • Non-stick Teflon coating
  • FDA approved safety
  • Extra value with four in each pack
  • Should not be placed on direct heat
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