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Finally, the pride and joy of your patio – your brand-new grill – is ready for its first ever barbeque session. You’ve invited all of your friends and family over so that they may partake in your forthcoming grilled creations. You’ve fired up the grill and you’re about to add some fresh cut hamburgers and hot dogs to the flames when…a sudden summer thunderstorm rolls in!

Your barbeque get-together is surely ruined this time around, but you can prepare better for your next party with an outdoor grill gazebo. Ideal for all types of patios and outdoor seating areas, these easy-to-assemble canopies are designed to cover your grilling space and provide protection to cooks and guests alike from uncooperative weather conditions.

So that settles it – you need to add a grill gazebo to your patio as soon as possible. But which grill gazebo should you buy? Of course, you need to choose the best gazebo grill to meet your budget, as well as outdoor space limitations. Every grill gazebo is a little different, though, so it is essential that you take the time necessary to compare and contrast the best models available.

More and more grillmasters and amateur cooks alike have enhanced their outdoor grilling area with a grill gazebo. As a result, more and more outdoor equipment manufacturers such as Sunjoy, Hampton Bay, and Gardenline, have begun creating new and improved grill gazebo models. On their face, many appear similar in function. But you need to look below the surface to find the grill gazebo that is right for you.

To meet this need, I’ve reviewed 10 popular grill gazebos available today, including the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F and Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo. Each one of these grill gazebos would make an excellent addition to your porch or patio, so be sure to take some time to read the following reviews before tapping that “Buy Now” button.

In this review, I’ve compared some of the important specification that you should consider when purchasing a grill gazebo, including footprint size, canvas material, construction material, and more. Every grill gazebo has a few special features that set it apart from the pack, so each review also highlights several of each model’s special features. Finally, each review includes a concise pros and cons list, allowing you to make a quick, yet informed choice before purchasing.

Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F 8' X 5' Soft Top Double Tiered Canopy Grill Gazebo – Best Outdoor Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Rust-resistant steel and aluminum;

  • Canvas Material – Standard canvas;

  • Extra Features – Energy efficient built-in LED lights, 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F has become an industry standard for grill gazebos, not least because of its even balance between value and performance. Like more expensive models, the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F stands up to wear from the elements with ease. But like more affordable models, you won’t break the bank to add it to your patio.

Among its many quality features, the built-in LED lights shine brightest (literally). These lights illuminate the entire 8’ x 5’ effectively, allowing you to grill at night if you so desire. Also, of note, this model comes standard with a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty. This works to insure you against defects or missing parts that are known to plague assembly-required models.

Those who have added the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F to their own patio have found it precisely to their liking. One owner even said that the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F was their all-time favorite grill gazebo, after having used many other models previously. With added protection for your grilling space and several value-adding bonus features, you’re sure to find the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F to be your new favorite piece of patio equipment soon.

  • Can be used at night with LED lights
  • Great 12-month warranty
  • An even balance between performance and value
  • Some parts may be missing from shipment

Abba Patio 9 x 5 Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo – Best Steel Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 9’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Rust-resistant steel;

  • Canvas Material – Powder-coated steel;

  • Extra Features – Hardtop canopy, accessory hooks, hanging metal spice racks, sophisticated fixtures.

A premium-grade grill gazebo, the Abba Patio 9 x 5 is a favorite pick among grillmasters who are looking to enshrine their grilling space for the long term. Built to last from durable rust-resistant and powder-coated steel, this model will immediately attract the attention of family and guest who join you at the grill.

Unlike many other grill gazebos which are canopied with canvas or polyester, the Abba Patio 9 x 5’s steel hardtop truly provides unmatched levels of shade and UV protection. From the top down to the supports, this model also proves enhanced stability. With “four-on-the-floor” feet, this model is not likely to shift in adverse weather conditions – no anchors required.

The Abba Patio 9 x 5 provides a touch of added value for the chef as well. This model includes convenient accessory hooks for spare grilling equipment, as well as a hanging metal spice rack for “secret ingrediants.”

Abba Patio 9’x 5 owners couldn’t be happier with its performance. Many are quick to emphasize how useful it is for providing protection at family gatherings, while others emphasize its ideal implementation for recreational locations. If you have a need for grill space protection in either circumstance, you’ll find Abba Patio 9 x 5 to your liking. Without a doubt, this model provides one of the best, longest lasting coverings for your coveted grill area.

  • Unique artistic joints and fixtures
  • Exceptionally durable steel canopy
  • Can be used for both at-home and recreational purposes
  • Higher-than-average price tag

CastleCreek Guide Gear 5' x 8' Gazebo – Best Grill Gazebo for your Money

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Tubular steel;

  • Canvas Material – 180-gram polyester;

  • Extra Features – Single direction slanted canopy.

The CastleCreek Guide Gear 5′ x 8′ Gazebo provides just the right amount of shade where you need it without up-charging you for small bonus features. This small grill gazebo does its job of blocking the sun well, especially in your grilling area.

One of the CastleCreek Guide Gear’s prime feature’s is its unique single-direction slanted canopy. Though simple in its construction, this orientation still allows water to easily run off of its upper surface and away from its occupants. Even without rain, this grill gazebo can act as a shelter from the late afternoon sun.

Overall, the CastleCreek Guide Gear’s simple design does not distract from its surroundings, including your landscaping and the delicious foods grilled up beneath it. Built from tubular steel and canopied with 180-gram polyester, this model also provides plenty of durability for its price range.

Though reviews of this model have been generally mixed, you may find the CastleCreek Guide Gear to be the ideal solution for providing added comfort to you and your guests, either on the patio or beside an exterior entryway.

  • Tubular steel construction
  • Lightweight polyester canopy
  • Can be easily placed above an entryway
  • Known problems with pooling rain water

Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C Gazebo Grill – Best Metal Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel;

  • Canvas Material – Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel;

  • Extra Features – Peaked barn-style canopy, double tiered upper vent.

Another high-grade premium grill gazebo, the Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C balances a unique aesthetic appeal with long-lasting durability in order to provide the future centerpiece of your patio or pool deck (alongside your grill, of course).

The Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C’s peak barn-style roof is one of its most attractive qualities. Visually, this feature replicates the aesthetic appeal of a permanent gazebo. Functionally, though, this peaked roof incorporates a double tiered vent system that allows smoke from your grill to easily escape upward.

The Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C can also stand up to nearly anything Mother Nature can throw at it, thanks in large part to its considerably durable full steel construction. Though this makes the model overall heavier than others, this heft can also bring a degree a permeance to this structure and the focal point grill beneath it.

Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C’s owners support this model’s exceptional claims of lasting durability. You too will get to experience the Sunjoy L-GG032PST-C’s durability first hand if you invest in it and use it as protection when your grilling party runs into a bit of adverse weather.

  • Peaked barn-style canopy
  • Considerable heft provides security and durability
  • Designed for long-term use
  • May be difficult to find at retail locations

Sunjoy Sylvan Soft Top Grill Gazebo – Best Small Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Aluminum;

  • Canvas Material – Flame-retardant polyether;

  • Extra Features – Comes in several colors.

For those looking to add a pop of color to their patio while still providing solid weather protection around their grill, the Sunjoy Sylvan provides the kind of aesthetic variety other grill gazebos simply do not offer. With canopies in grey, green, and red, this model is certainly a sight to behold.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, the Sunjoy Sylvan is also versatile when it comes to placement. When entertaining in your back yard, this grill gazebo can easily be moved to wherever you need the center of attention to be. However, this versatility may be a double-edge sword, as this model is also prone to unintentional shifting in windy conditions if improperly weighted down.

Some grillers are hesitant to take a live flame grill beneath a cloth-like awning. The Sunjoy Sylvan is safe from these concerns, though, thanks to its flame-retardant canopy. Owners of the Sunjoy Sylvan really appreciate this degree of safety, noting that it makes this model an easy repeat purchase. Even if it is your first grill gazebo, you’ll find that the Sunjoy Sylvan provides nearly everything you could hope for given its reasonable price tag.

  • Extra safety from flame-retardant canopy
  • Lightweight, easy to construct frame
  • Comes in several attractive colors
  • Canopy material is known to stretch at times

Mainstay Grill Gazebo – Best Grill Shelter Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Steel;

  • Canvas Material – 180-gram, fire-retardant polyester;

  • Extra Features – Fold-out side canopies, color fast canvas.

When hot or stormy weather hits, you’ll be pleased to have a little extra room beneath the grill gazebo to fit in your family and guests. The Mainstay Grill Gazebo provides precisely this type of extra space, with its dual fold-out side canopies. These side canopies can even provide some extra shade for food dishes organized along the dual frame mounted side tables.

Even in ideal conditions, the Mainstay Grill Gazebo can perform and enhance your grilling experience. The specialized vented roof prevents smoke from accumulating at the apex, a fact your guests will surely appreciate. At the same time, this vent allows wind gusts to simply pass through the gazebo, preventing it from being dragged away in a storm.

Other than these noteworthy qualities, the Mainstay Grill Gazebo is generally a standard-grade gazebo grill. In most conditions, it will provide adequate shelter for the important people and tools beneath it. This hasn’t stopped owners of the Mainstay Grill Gazebo from giving it positive reviews, with many noting that it is surprisingly sturdy for such an affordably-priced model. Perhaps this Mainstay will become a main stay on your patio soon.

  • Dual fold-out side canopies
  • Color fast, fire-retardant polyester canopy
  • Vented roof to prevent smoke build up
  • Awning comes in tan only

Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo – Best Hardtop Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Steel and aluminum;

  • Canvas Material – Polycarbonate;

  • Extra Features – Vented hardtop, accessory hooks, spacey side tables.

Though it runs one of the highest price tags in the market today, the Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo is worth every penny for its exceptionally durable, yet functionally appealing construction. From top to bottom, this model branches out into new – and perhaps even better – methods for providing grill space shelter while still remaining aesthetically appealing.

First and foremost, the Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo is built like a boulder, which is to say, this grill gazebo durable beyond expectations. Combining the best aspects of both aluminum and steel, this model’s frame can stand up to average wear and tear while also surviving some run ins with Mother Nature.

Such a focus on durability doesn’t distract from this model’s aesthetic qualities, however. In fact, the Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo’s polycarbonate canopy is designed with a unique disjointed form that easily releases trapped smoke while also catching the attention of passersby.

Altogether, this high-quality grill gazebo is a model you might expect to find at a fancy hotel or resort. But in fact, the Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo can be yours for use at home alongside your favorite grill. Your friends and guests will surely take notice of your new grill gazebo as they congregate to the new backyard focal point.

  • Unique disjointed polycarbonate canopy
  • Aluminum and steel frame
  • Aesthetically appealing, like a model found at an upper-class hotel
  • Assembly takes a significant amount of time

Sunjoy Henley Grill Gazebo – Best Barbeque Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Powder-coated steel;

  • Canvas Material – Polyether;

  • Extra Features – Central support hook.

Like other Sunjoy grill gazebos, the Sunjoy Henley provides a consistent standard of quality that will be right at home for many outdoor entertainers. To this extent, the Sunjoy Henley’s powder-coated steel frame keeps it durable, even under duress from storms and snow. Moreover, you can count on the polyether to hold up for several grilling seasons, providing you and guests with UV blocking protection.

This model has its noteworthy limitations, however. For example, the Sunjoy Henley is known to often ship without an assembly booklet. While this information can be found online, some owners viewed this as a drawback. At best, this can be chalked up to a rare event in total, so you shouldn’t be dissuaded from adding the Sunjoy Henley to your patio or grilling area for the upcoming grilling season.

  • Trusted SunJoy brand
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Can easily be accented with outdoor lights using central support hook
  • Known to sometimes ship without instruction manual

COBANA Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo – 8’x5’ Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 8’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Powder-coated steel;

  • Canvas Material – Polyether;

  • Extra Features – Comes in several colors, six-point central support frame.

Though the COBANA Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo has generally fit itself comfortably into the industry norms for grill gazebos, this model has found a few unique ways to improve on the formula. One noteworthy way COBANA has done this by implementing a six-point support system beneath the main canopy. This system provides added support connects to the main frame, creating enhanced durability when put under pressure.

Also, unlike many other standard grill gazebos, the COBANA comes in several different colors designed to match most any patio or backyard décor. In red, tan, or grey, the COBANA will find a way to stand out – not just for its color, but also for the delicious foods you’ll be grilling beneath it.

COBANA owners like their new grill gazebo. Several have even said that the six-point central support system is well set up to hang outdoor LED lights – a must-have for any light time barbeque. In all, this is another solid grill gazebo that most any griller will find desirable.

  • Six-point central support system
  • Comes in several colors including red
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Known to have rain water drainage problems

SORARA Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo – Best All Seasons Grill Gazebo

  • Footprint Size – 9’ x 5’;

  • Construction Material – Drylac powder-coated steel;

  • Canvas Material – Solution-dyed polyester;

  • Extra Features – Tarp-style canopy, frame-mounted side tables, accessory hooks, hanging metal spice rack.

Though the SORARA Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo has been broadly overlooked by outdoor furniture shoppers, you shouldn’t miss out on this exceptionally useful fixture. With a tarp-style canopy, this model is easy to keep clean and free of degrading mildews. Moreover, the tarp canopy can easily be detached from the frame for storage, when the cold winter months arrive.

Of note, the SORARA also comes with some useful add-ons. These include frame-mounted side tables, several accessory hooks, and a hanging metal spice rack.

SORARA takes pride in providing a minimal environmental impact while still providing maximally effective shipping. As such, this grill gazebo ships with reduced packaging in order to make recycling as easy as possible.

All in all, you shouldn’t overlook the SORARA. You’ll find that it meets and exceeds your outdoor protection needs while remaining environmentally conscientious.

  • Ball socket and tarp canopy are easy to manipulate
  • Comes with accessory hooks and spice rack
  • Minimal packing for reduced waste
  • Lacks vent to release smoke
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