Our Core Values

We stay passionate, responsible. and involved. That’s right! We’re always in the mood to share useful and interesting information with you to make your life more vibrant and delicious. I, Chris Cosentino, and my team of experts carefully select only the most interesting, relevant, and proven news, providing information on both classic grills and the most technologically advanced models with innovative technologies.

At Grillfaq, you can find out about truly reliable grills from premium and popular brands, as well as learn about their proper use, maintenance, and secrets of proper grilling. In addition, you will find a wide range of different grill accessories for proper food preparation, so that all BBQ lovers can easily enjoy the taste of healthy, juicy, and delicate dishes with unsurpassed flavor, prepared by their own hands.

We believe in high quality and perfect solutions for everyone. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, right… but the product must always be of high quality – at Grillfaq, this is the law. Thus, we always strive to provide the most valuable and honest information for everyone, so you are able to find your perfect solution. We do not cooperate with any third parties or promote and specific brands or products.

All grills presented in our articles are of high quality and excellent functionality. Such grills allow you to prepare any meat, fish, or veggies fast and easily. We try to provide the best solutions for the outdoors, no matter if it’s picnics, backyard parties, or camping. They may differ in design, performance, size, fuel, etc. but they have to be the most reliable, convenient, and durable. In our articles, you can easily find products that operate on gas, electricity, wood, pellets, etc. All grill models are quick to install and clean.

Our readers deserve only reliable and comprehensive information. We are here for you because we believe in justice and honesty for everyone. We would like people to know there are truly reliable grills in this world, without any compromises. Thus, after reading our articles, you will know that you get what you pay for.

We have to be the most trustworthy online source for information. Just like anywhere else, the grilling industry has no mercy when it comes to the best players in the game. Thus, it’s always important to gain and retain the trust of our readers and keep our reputation unspotted.

Grillfaq is a unique project created by passionate enthusiasts and hedonists (i.e. pleasure-seekers) in the field of BBQ culture. We are an exclusive distributor of quality information, proven by time, and real experts in the field. In our articles, we discuss premium brands because we would be more than happy to become your only resource and guide on everything connected with grills. 

Our website is designed with you in mind, and we will never tire of researching the best information for you, no matter if it’s grills or related accessories to make healthy and delicious food. We value your trust, attention, and curiosity, thus, we want to create a perfect place for you to improve your grilling experience. 

With Grillfaq, it all becomes easy – no matter if you wish to learn how to grill or find out how to choose a high-quality grill and/or accessories – just choose the right article on our website and your decision won’t be complicated.

Our mission is not to promote grills but to popularize the BBQ culture in general and let people know how to enjoy healthy, delicious, perfectly prepared grilled food, both at home and outdoors with their friends and families. Enjoy life together with Grillfaq!

Why Grillfaq?

  • More than 10 years of experience with grills of different types;
  • We care about your values and priorities;
  • We provide only 100% unique and grammatically correct content;
  • We keep our eyes on the news and always strive to get better;
  • We are passionate about what we do and never stop exploring; 
  • We offer verified information that can be trusted;
  • We are a team of professional writers and testers;
  • Direct supplies of grills from manufacturers;
  • Continued positive feedback from our readers. 

Our plans

Thankfully I have managed to create a great team of like-minded people who are in love with grilling just as I am. Now I can be sure that every Grillfaq visitor can get only useful information and professional help at any stage: when choosing a grill, designing a barbecue area, selecting accessories, etc.

We plan to develop the grilling culture in the country as well as keep on promoting high-quality goods, grilling methods, and outdoor recreation. We have to be the best in the game!